Chanel Yates

Chanel Yates
27 Jul
All Day

Chanel Yates

Hillsborough Park, Sheffield Hillsborough Park, Hillsborough, Sheffield, UK

Join Chanel Yates, the sensational country pop star, as she brings her unforgettable melodies and soulful lyrics to the UK! Experience the magic of her chart-topping hits live in a city near you.

“The writing process for this collection of upcoming songs has definitely felt like therapy for me and it really does mean the most, as it is some of the most vulnerable and open lyrics I have ever written. Going through the emotions of a breakup is challenging but I hope that these songs help to heal anyone experiencing that kind of pain and know that there are a lot of positive things that can come from heartbreak that make you even stronger as a person.” says Chanel.

Chanel is a groundbreaking British country pop artist, with a wholly unique storytelling style that resonates strongly with Gen Z, incorporating lyrical influences ranging from Taylor Swift to Kelsea Ballerini to Olivia Rodrigo. At the forefront of the UK country scene, Chanel is set to break more boundaries in 2024 with the release of ‘Studio Apartment’ and more, with plans to take her new songs on the road through the UK and Nashville.


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