q Drake Milligan - Jukebox World Tour 2024

Drake Milligan – Jukebox World Tour 2024

Drake Milligan - Jukebox World Tour 2024
22 Jul 07:30 PM
Until 22 Jul, 10:30 PM 3h

Drake Milligan - Jukebox World Tour 2024

place SWG3, Glasgow 100 Eastvale Pl, Glasgow G3 8QG, UK expand_more

Step into the heart of country music as Drake Milligan embarks on his much-anticipated UK tour. With a voice that carries the soul of Nashville and a charm that captivates audiences, Drake is set to light up the stage with his storytelling and unforgettable melodies. This is your chance to witness the magic of a true country star, whose songs echo the tales of love, life, and longing.

The UK will resonate with the strumming of guitars and the warmth of southern rhythms as Drake brings his latest hits and timeless classics to your doorstep. From the intimate setting of London’s Islington Assembly Hall to the vibrant atmosphere of Manchester Club Academy, each night promises to be a showcase of musical brilliance. Glasgow’s Saint Luke’s will also play host to an evening where the whiskey-soaked lyrics meet the spirit of the Highlands.

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Drake Milligan's tour will also feature hits from his highly acclaimed EP, "Jukebox Songs," a collection that resonates with the spirit of classic country and brings to life the nostalgia of old Rock-Ola tunes in a smoke-filled bar. With tracks like "What I Couldn't Forget" and "Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beers," the album is a testament to Drake's ability to craft songs that are both timeless and contemporary.

"We've been dreaming of doing a European tour since we stepped foot across the pond for the first time last year, and you guys have been asking… so we made it happen!" shared Milligan.

Don't miss the chance to hear these jukebox gems live! Join us for a journey through the heartlands of America, right here in the UK. Secure your tickets, mark your calendars, and prepare to be part of a musical experience that celebrates the enduring legacy of country music. Drake Milligan’s UK tour is not just a series of concerts; it’s a gathering of stories, a chorus of hearts, and a celebration of the soul-stirring power of country tunes.

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