Kelley Swindall

Kelley Swindall
14 May 07:00 PM
Until 14 May, 10:30 PM 3h 30m

Kelley Swindall

Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham Kitchen Garden Cafe, York Road, King's Heath, Birmingham, UK

“An engaging raconteur with a mischievous smile as well as a very fine singer” (Americana UK), Georgia Born, Nashville/NYC based Americana Artist, Kelley Swindall, has toured the US and now the UK, for the better part of the decade w/ her brand of self-taught & styled OG Country Southern Folk Blues.

Equally, at home in a biker bar or under a proscenium arch, she takes the stage solo, armed w/ her moxie and an acoustic guitar, singing about the stuff OG Country is made of: heartache, heartbreak, redemption, revenge, life, death, and those pesky existential musings in between, all filtered through a sassily southern perspective, w/ equal parts humor and pathos.

Her debut studio album, “You Can Call Me Darlin’ If You Want”, was released on NYC-based Velvet Elk Records in September of 2020, to glowing reviews,

hole in my heart

Kelley Swindall returns to the UK for the month of May in support of her latest single “Hole In My Heart”, a deceptively simple solo acoustic track , and the first off “The Memento Mori Sessions” EP, available in physical and downloadable form, only at these shows or directly through Kelley. “Hole in My Heart” was inspired by the sudden passing of Swindall’s father, as a means of coping and coming to terms with death’s seeming finality and the quagmire of grief which accompanies it. This descent into the underworld gave birth to the songs on “The Memento Mori Sessions” EP
which are the acoustic explorations of a larger project ( working title “Memento Mori Bitches ”), a colorful, heartbreaking, and ultimately life affirming meditation on Death, and how, rather than depressing us, it can ultimately inspire us to live this life more fully.


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