New Music Video for “Mighty Love” features AI Technology


Genre-bending California band 3 Pairs of Boots premiere their new music video for “Mighty Love.” A cutting-edge, entirely AI-generated work of art, the video was directed and produced by award-winning director David Dutton, who’s created videos for two of the band’s previous singles. Dutton is also known for his work as art director for major brand commercials (Adidas, Facebook), viral Youtube series, and his extensive work with Julian Lennon, including the official video for Lennon’s song “Lucky Ones”— one of the first music videos to incorporate AI technology.

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Known on stage as 3 Pairs of Boots, husband-and-wife duo Andrew Stern and Laura Arias share a unique talent for delivering catchy tunes with meaningful messages. Since dropping debut album Gone South in 2019, they’ve become known for their distinctive blend of Americana-leaning rock and bluesy pop-country, driven by a rare artistic and emotional connection.  In 2021 they released sophomore album Long Rider, followed by their third album, Mighty Love, in fall of 2022, drawing influence from a range of genre-bending acts like Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, and the Byrds, as well as country icons like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

“When we asked David to shoot another video, he pitched the idea of using AI,” says Stern. “We wanted the song to feel lush and impressionistic, layered with unexpected moments, and his AI treatment really underscores the main themes.”

Filmed in San Francisco and later reimagined with AI effects, the video celebrates the persistence of true love through a lavish montage of interconnected scenarios—each depicting a new, more intricate realm through which the central figure must travel to find her lover.

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The pop-Americana single “Mighty Love” was originally released (sans video) in July and featured on the band’s third full-length album of the same name. It’s a driving anthem of perseverance, with upbeat vocals and down-to-earth lyrics encouraging listeners to go the distance—whatever it takes—to find love:

Keep it up, keep doing what you’re doing./Keep going, even when your life’s in ruin…” Written primarily by Arias, the lyrics were inspired in part by George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass. “He had a delicious way of writing intimate love songs that could be interpreted as carnal or spiritual,” Aria says.

Arias and Stern shot scenes on a green screen for three hours, then handed the film to Dutton to work his magic. Like the song, the resulting video pulses with dreamy vigor: What starts as a simple campfire sing-along soon morphs into a mind-bending marathon, as figures swirl and meld into various frames and backdrops, enhanced by Dutton’s AI wizardry. There’s a haunting, painterly quality to the images—as if the artists’ most profound experiences were depicted in a cohesive, ever-changing oil painting.

In many ways, the video’s ongoing transformations reveal the core of what 3 Pairs of Boots represent: They are unafraid to experiment with genre, style, and visual imagery, and they refuse to be pigeonholed. Their sound, as well as their vision, just continues evolving.

Mighty Love AI Music Video

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