New Country Music Songs to Brighten Your March 2024


As the days grow longer and the promise of spring hangs in the air, country music enthusiasts have reason to rejoice. March 2024 brings a fresh wave of toe-tapping tunes, heartfelt ballads, and foot-stomping anthems. Whether you’re a seasoned cowboy boot-wearer or a curious listener dipping your toes into the honky-tonk waters, this month’s releases have something for everyone.

matt hodges make this our town artwork

Matt Hodges

Make This Our Town

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Single Release: 29 March 2024

Ahead of his headline tour, rising UK Country and Americana artist Matt Hodges is set to release his highly anticipated single, “Make This Our Town”, following his BCMA Male Artist of the Year win and appearance on BBC Look North TV!

Matt Hodges is gearing up to drop his latest single, “Make This Our Town,” on 29th March 2024. The song, a feel-good anthem celebrating the simple pleasures of unwinding with loved ones over a beer after a hard week’s work, is poised to resonate with audiences far and wide with its infectious melody and relatable lyrics.

Reflecting on the upcoming release, Matt shared, “We all work hard and look forward to the weekend to let loose and relax with a few drinks, spending time with the friends and family we love. Hard work seems a little easier with a beer and a couple of shots!”

This exciting announcement comes hot on the heels of Matt’s recent triumph at the BCMA awards, where he proudly walked away with the title of Male Artist of the Year. His band’s unforgettable performance at Liverpool’s iconic venue, The Cavern, further solidified his status as a trailblazer in the UK Country music scene.

Matt is now gearing up for his first full band headline tour, “Matt Hodges On The Road,” which will see them perform across nine cities and towns. Fans can expect electrifying performances and the opportunity to experience Matt’s distinctive blend of Country and Americana rock first-hand.

cliff and susan new 2

Cliff & Susan

Cliff & Susan, married country music duo from Little Rock, Arkansas, are excited to announce the release of their new single, “A Natural State.” Written by Arkansans Cliff Prowse and “The Voice” Season 17 alumni Cory Jackson (Team Blake), the song is a tribute to growing up in rural areas and celebrates the simple joys and beauty of small town life.

The dynamic arrangement of the song is reminiscent of country legends like Brad Paisley and Alabama, with a chicken pickin’ guitar, heavy traditional fiddle, and a double-time breakdown at the end where the band rocks an extended instrumental.

Gary Pratt

Country artist Gary Pratt has released a new single, “Before Someone Gets Hurt,” from his album, “Something Worth Remembering.” The song, written by Larry McCoy, Bart Butler, and Westin Davis, tells a story of love, fear, and the difficulty that comes with making the decision to end a relationship.

Fueled by his own personal experiences, Pratt’s emotional and heartfelt vocals bring the lyrics of “Before Someone Gets Hurt” to life. The song is a reminder that sometimes it’s better to end a relationship before it causes more pain in the long run.

gary pratt before someone gets hurt art

jd good news sold

Jordan Davis

New song “Good News Sold” has just been released by award-winning singer/songwriter Jordan Davis. The single was premiered on the sold-out UK/European run of his Damn Good Time this February.

Sharing his inspiration for cutting the song, Davis shares, “I think at times there is no shortage of very heavy headlines locally and globally, and it’s hard sometimes to not get lost in that and spiral into being overwhelmed by them. But when you go home and hear your kid laugh or see someone go out of their way to help a stranger, these acts aren’t being highlighted in the same way but they very much exist.”

The song showcases Davis’ ability to capture and perfectly crystallise real-life snapshots

Sarah Rose

‘Take to the Grave’ is the first release of 2024 for award-winning UK artist Sarah Rose. The song was co-written in November with country writer Tim Prottey-Jones (First Time Flyers), who went on to produce the track.

The story tells of a woman who meets a stranger in a bar one night… Finding new courage she leaves her abusive relationship, but with consequences she wasn’t expecting.

‘Take to the Grave’ will be released on Friday 15th March 2024, on all digital streaming platforms.


happy go lucky

Shaun Tobar Band

Based in the West Midlands, Shropshire and Worcester, the Multi award winning artist, Shaun Tobar is a four peice band that play original country blues. Soon to be released single “Happy Go Lucky” is from forthcoming album “Steel Town Ally”

Sharing the inspiration for the song, Shaun says: “Happy go lucky is a song wrote about from my up bringing.. Trying to find my way into the world and just to be nice to people and find good friends and have a good time.”

Happy Go Lucky will be released on 8th March on all digital streaming platforms.

Don’t forget to check out the live music scene! From intimate gigs to sprawling festivals, March offers plenty of opportunities to catch your favorite artists in action. Visit British Country Music for event listings and ticket information.

So, grab your hat, tune your radio, and let the sweet sounds of country music carry you through March. Whether you’re two-stepping in a honky-tonk or belting out lyrics in your car, this month’s releases are sure to strike a chord. 

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