Dusk Brothers

Dusk Brothers
Dusk Brothers are a 'dark swamp blues' two-man-band from Bristol, UK.

The gritty dark swamp blues sound of Dusk Brothers (Gray and 'E' Moncrieff) draws heavily on their unconventional arsenal of self-built instruments. Guitars fashioned from old metal boxes, "Frankenstein" foot drums created by ripping down 55 gallon oil drums and bolting them onto sawn-off bass drum shells and custom valve guitar amplifiers built from scratch in their own workshop provide a raw, bluesy backdrop for growling vocal harmonies and blues harp.

These "cowboy-hatted shamans'" visceral live shows continue to astound audiences and accrue a dedicated fanbase at venues and festivals across the UK including the acclaimed Buckle & Boots Country Festival and coveted main stage appearances at Tenby Blues Festival and Carlisle Blues Rock Festival.

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