The Tumbling Paddies

The Tumbling Paddies

The Tumbling Paddies are a young, talented and energetic six-piece band from Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. They have taken the music scene by storm over the past four years with their catchy original songs and distinctive take on well-known cover songs. They have created their own unique Trad/Pop sound that blends Irish folk music with modern country music influences.
The band consists of Gareth Maguire (lead vocals, guitar, banjo), Ryan McGovern (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Ciaran McElroy (vocals, accordion, keyboard), Conor McManus (vocals, bass guitar), Darragh O'Reilly (vocals, drums, percussion) and Niall Murphy (vocals, fiddle, whistle). They met at school and started playing music together as a hobby. They soon realized that they had a great chemistry and a passion for Irish folk music. They decided to form a band and named themselves The Tumbling Paddies, after a traditional Irish dance move.
The band's musical style is influenced by artists such as Derek Ryan, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons and The Dubliners. They combine traditional Irish instruments, such as the banjo, the accordion and the fiddle, with contemporary pop elements, such as electric guitar, keyboard and drums. They also incorporate elements of rock, country and rap into their songs. They sing in both English and Irish, and often switch between the two languages within the same song.

the way i am

The band's original songs are written by Gareth Maguire and Derek Ryan, a renowned Irish country singer and songwriter who also produces their music. Their songs are inspired by their own experiences, their love for Ireland and their sense of humor. Some of their original songs include:
- The Way I Am: A catchy and upbeat song that celebrates being yourself and not caring about what others think. The song features a rap verse by Gareth and a catchy chorus that invites the listeners to sing along. The song has over 3.3 million views on YouTube.
- Night On The Town: A lively and fun song that narrates a night out with friends in a typical Irish pub. The song features a fast-paced fiddle solo by Niall and a catchy chorus that invites the listeners to dance along. The song has over 600,000 views on YouTube.
- Spancil Hill: A beautiful and emotional song that tells the story of a young Irish man who emigrates to America and dreams of returning to his homeland. The song features a haunting fiddle solo by Niall and a powerful chorus that expresses the longing for home. The song has over 28,000 views on YouTube.

The band has performed at various venues and festivals across Ireland and the UK, such as The British Country Music Festival, Pulse Letterkenny and They are known for their lively and engaging shows that showcase their musical skills and charisma. They have a loyal fan base that follows them on social media and supports them at their gigs. They are currently working on their debut album, which is expected to be released in 2024. You can follow them on their YouTube channel, where they post their music videos and live performances.
The Tumbling Paddies are a band that you don't want to miss! They are a rising star in the Irish folk music scene and a breath of fresh air in the music industry. They are a band that will make you laugh, cry, sing and dance. They are a band that will make you proud to be Irish

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