True Foxes

True Foxes

True Foxes is a captivating folk/americana duo that has swiftly captured the hearts of audiences in the South West of England and beyond. Comprising family members Amie and Chloë, the pair harmonize not only their voices but their talents, with Amie’s soulful vocals and memorable songwriting drawing comparisons to iconic artists like Brandi Carlile, Karen Carpenter, and Dolly Parton. Accompanied by a blend of guitar, ukulele, banjo, and piano, Amie’s music is a siren call to the soul, while Chloë’s ethereal harmonies and melodic bass lines weave a tapestry of sound that is both haunting and uplifting. Their sisterly rapport adds a layer of intimacy to their performances, making each show a unique experience for their fans.


The True Foxes have been lauded as the “Hardest working female duo in the South West” by BBC Introducing, a title well-earned through their relentless touring schedule. In 2022, they graced the stage at an impressive 140 shows, and in 2023, they more than doubled that number with 250 performances. Their dedication to their craft and their fans is evident in their sold-out headline UK Tour and the release of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Howl’ in March 2024. Their journey from the quaint corners of the South West to the bustling cities across England, Scotland, and Wales in their little white van is a testament to their commitment and passion for sharing their music.

Already in 2024, True Foxes have made significant strides in their career. Their debut album ‘Howl’ has been met with critical acclaim, leading to a successful album launch at HMV and a sold-out headline UK album tour. Their music, including the EP “Sunny” and singles like “17” and “How Are You Now”, has found a home on radio stations across the UK, Europe, and America. With their music videos and first LP pressings in circulation, the duo continues to charm audiences at major festivals and venues. Their talent has not gone unnoticed, with BBC Introducing featuring them as the artist of the week across eight radio stations. As they continue to perform at festivals and private events, True Foxes are a shining example of independent success in the music industry.

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August 2024
Old Essex Barn, Essex
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Sat, 17 Aug,  02:00 PM - 10:30 PM