New Music: My Friend the Crow


CC and The Devils Pick is the new solo project of Chris Charles, the hard rock guitarist from Blind River and Godsized. He has just released his first single, “My Friend the Crow”, and it’s a dark and gothic country song that will send shivers down your spine.

Chris told us how he started this project during lockdown, when he was driving a bus and carrying his guitar with him. He wanted to write some southern-style slide guitar music, but he ended up adding more instruments and creating a spooky and atmospheric sound. He also worked with a drummer from Ukraine, Alex Kahn, who he never met in person, but who sent him amazing drum tracks online.

Chris is a big fan of horror and supernatural stories, and he likes to use them as inspiration for his songs. He also likes to hide double meanings and cryptic messages in his lyrics, so you never know what he’s really singing about. For example, “My Friend the Crow” is based on a real crow that he saw every day, but it also hints at something darker. He said he’ll let us figure it out for ourselves!

We also asked him about his music video, which was shot by James Joseph, who has made some great films. Chris said it was nerve-wracking to be on his own in front of the camera, but James made him feel comfortable and professional. He said he’s very proud of the video and the song, and he hopes we’ll like it too.

Chris has two more singles and a full album coming soon, and he’s already working on his second album. He said he’s curious to see how his fans will react to his new direction, since it’s very different from his hard rock/metal background. We think he’s done a fantastic job, and we can’t wait to hear more from him!

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