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Welcome to our round up of the latest new Country Music from the UK and across the Atlantic this September.

chloe chadwick

Same Old Brand New Me (EP)

Chloë has moved into new musical pastures with her brand new EP ‘Same Old Brand New Me’ as she colours her canvas of acoustic -based rock with clever instrumental and vocal hooks around every corner.

In the spirit of the EP’s title however, you can expect the same attention to melodic detail and harmonic innovation that her previous work captured so eloquently.

There are also nostalgic traces of the Americana vibe that elevated her debut album Dustbowl Jukebox, released in 2016.

Heart On The Line

Orlando Mendez, the rising star with deep Cuban roots, is set to captivate hearts with his latest single, “Heart On The Line,” released today.

The track paints a vivid picture of a heart in turmoil, torn between love and loss, and reveals Orlando’s ability to transform raw emotions into a powerful musical experience.

For more information on Orlando Mendez, follow him on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Spotify

heart on the line
last summer

Last Summer by Ste Stetson Featuring Rapper Kobraa

Get ready to relive the unforgettable vibes of “Last Summer” as Ste Stetson and rapper Kobraa drop their latest single, promising to be your ultimate party anthem this season.
With its captivating fusion of country and hip hop, this track is bound to have you grooving from the first note to the last. “Last Summer” takes you on a nostalgic journey through the memories of a sizzling summer romance, where two souls connected under the sun, creating moments that will last a lifetime.

Brandon Maddox “Last Farm in the USA”

This song/video is a plea of the American farmer for the public to realize how important small family farms are to the history and the future of “Feeding America” and the dangers of conglomeration in the farming sector.

“This dirt is the blood running through my veins/ This ground is my family name/ Yesterday we fed this nation/ Today, it’s cut throat corporations/ Tomorrow our very way of life might slip away”

brandon maddox
cruz contreras stop giving your heart away

Cruz Contreras – Stop Giving Your Heart Away

“Even the devil gets down sometimes / Sorting through all his alibis,” sings Cruz Contreras in the opening lines of his new tune “Stop Giving Your Heart Away.” “Nothing new under the sky,” he concludes, setting an immaculate stage to tell a story of change through the heartbeat-pulse of a song.

Fans can stream or purchase “Stop Giving Your Heart Away” today at this link, and check out Contreras’s previously-released single “Let Somebody Love You” right here.

Fat Dad – Charlie Mars

The slinky guitars, can’t-help-but-dance rhythm section, and luscious, counterpoint harmonies are only a small part of what makes Charlie Mars’s new single “Fat Dad” the most uniquely catchy song this side of the Gulf Coast. And that’s saying something because the production is top-notch funky.

This Mississippi-born singer/songwriter is a country- and folk-inflected pop artist blessed with a warm vocal croon and a knack for crafting poignant, earthy tunes.1

fat dad
nothing but green willow

Martin Simpson And Thomm Jutz Are Joined By Tim O’Brien For A Stunning Take On “Edwin In The Lowlands Low

Today, Simpson and Jutz shared a new track featuring one of the many decorated guests on Nothing But Green Willow, “Edwin In The Lowlands Low” featuring Tim O’Brien.

The result is an all-live, timeless rendition of the century-old song; a string that runs through the entirety of Nothing But Green Willow. “I love these songs because they are relevant,” says Jutz.

HangTown a brand new song by a new south coast band – Sonoma Sunset

In the heart of California’s historic Gold Rush country lies a town with a story as rich as the veins of gold that once flowed beneath its soil. “Hangtown,” an upbeat singalong track by Sonoma Sunset, takes you on a musical journey through the enchanting town of Placerville, California.
This song is a tribute to the town’s people and places, where echoes of Johnny Cash’s early years in Folsom Penitentiary and the soulful resonance of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s roots reverberate through time.

sonoma sunset
steep canyon rangers

With their new album Morning Shift, North Carolina’s favorite sons Steep Canyon Rangers have once again found a way to push the expanse of their sound, and skills, to the next level. Out today via Yep Roc Records, Morning Shift finds the GRAMMY-winning combo telling stories that both honor their roots and expand upon the living art of bluegrass music—all while solidifying their reputation as some of the most influential songwriters in today’s Americana scene. 

Stream or purchase Morning Shift today at this link and watch the lyric video for the title track here.

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