Take It Off – new single from Abbie Bell and The High Ryes


Still very much new to the scene, Abbie Bell & The High Ryes, formed in 2022 have made it their mission to impact the market in their native Scotland and beyond. And thanks to their traditional sound that combines darker and edgier elements they are quickly becoming one of the most talked about Country acts.

They bring together those old-school lyric styles and mix it with catchy hooks, moody melodies and a brooding production soundscape to create a stylistic that is very much authentic to Abbie Bell & The High Ryes, this was evident in their debut single ‘We Ended In Nashville’,

With ‘Take It Off’, released on May 29, they deliver a dark and sexy track – this is actually the first song Abbie Bell wrote in her early twenties during a time when she was “coming out” where she was growing in confidence and began embracing and accepting her sexuality as a gay woman.

There is something extremely liberating about ‘Take It Off’, and its seductive lyrics, making it a real standout offering from the band whilst also allowing listeners to truly step into their own power and authentic selves without fear.  Abbie Bell & High Ryes are ready to put their stamp on the UK country music scene and this track offers them the perfect opportunity to showcase that they have something different to offer and aren’t afraid to take sonic risks to ensure their music makes the right impact.

Abbie wrote:

I wrote Take it Off in my early twenties whilst figuring out my sexuality and eventually coming out as a gay woman! I knew it was time and I was ready to stop hiding! The song empowered me to continue to write about my real life experiences and I hope anybody who listens to it feels just as liberated!

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