q The Story Behind “My Old Street”, the New Single from Country Star Andrew Jones

The Story Behind “My Old Street”, the New Single from Rising Country Star Andrew Jones


Andrew Jones is an accomplished singer and songwriter from the UK, who blends traditional and modern Country and Rock influences in his music. He started singing at a young age, inspired by his father’s love of Rock Music and Welsh Male Voice Choirs. He learned to play the guitar as a teenager and began writing his own songs.

Andrew Jones has performed at various venues and festivals across the UK, such as the Buckle and Boots Country Festival and the British Country Music Association Fan Fest. He has also supported artists like Ward Thomas and Royal South. He released his debut single Reminds Me of You, in 2020, which pulled on the heart strings while away from home, constantly thinking of his significant other. This was followed up with Broadway Lights in 2022, a song about the constant desire of country artists to go to Nashville, but not needing to go there to write a great song.

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Andrew Jones is currently working on his second EP, which will include his latest single, “My Old Street”. The song is a nostalgic tribute to his childhood memories and the place where he grew up. It is a heartfelt and honest track that reflects his personal style and storytelling skills. Country music is synonymous with being truthful, and “My Old Street” allows Andrew Jones the opportunity to deliver a song that will strike a chord with many. We all have that place that will remain home no matter how far we travel, and this track pays homage to that.

Andrew Jones is a rising star in the UK country scene, who aims to connect with his listeners through his music. He is passionate about sharing his stories and emotions, and hopes to inspire others with his songs.

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