Garth Brooks Launches Country Music Radio Station Big 615


Country music legend Garth Brooks is launching The BIG 615, a new radio station that will give listeners an “authentic take on country music that offers up the biggest songs and the biggest artists today,”

“What we want to do is we want to take country music global,” Brooks told “Good Morning America. “The country music audience [is the] most loving, loyal audience you can ever have. We pull all them together around the world.”

The station, called The Big 615, is available exclusively on TuneIn, a global audio streaming service that reaches more than 100,000 radio stations in 122 countries .

The Big 615, which refers to the Nashville telephone area code, broadcasts from Music Row and features a mix of classic and contemporary country songs, regardless of whether the artists are on a major label or not. Brooks said he wanted to create a station that reflects the foundations of country music and showcases the diversity of voices in the genre .
The station is part of Brooks’ Sevens Radio Network, a suite of seven stations that will offer different types of content for TuneIn listeners. The Big 615 is the first station to launch, and it debuted on June 15 2023 with “Only Country Music”, a previously unreleased song by Brooks himself .
Garth Brooks, who ended his SiriusXM channel in September, said he was excited to partner with TuneIn and reach a global audience with his new station. He also revealed some of the artists that will be featured on The Big 615, including George Strait, Maren Morris, Luke Combs, Trisha Yearwood, and The Chicks.
The Big 615 is free to listen and can be accessed on TuneIn’s website or app, as well as on various connected devices and vehicle platforms. Try asking your smart speaker “Play Big 615 on Tunein”.

Brooks said he hopes the station will introduce country music fans to new artists and songs, as well as remind them of the legends and classics that shaped the genre .

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