The Story Behind iTunes Song “This Glass Is Heavy” by Dan Washburn


As “This Glass is Heavy” topped the Ireland iTunes chart this week, we caught up with Dan Washburn to find out what this means to him.

no.1 itunes this glass is heavy
Itunes Chart June 2023

Dan is no stranger to much of the country music world both at home and abroad. Dan started playing lap steel at the age of seven, and by ten he was playing the acoustic and wrote his first song for his mom.
His credits include over 200 albums as a singer/song writer, producer and bassist. Dan was bandleader for the late Colleen Peterson and toured with George Fox, Terry Sheridan, Colleen Peterson and was lead singer/spokesperson for South Mountain.

Dan had a lot of fun writing his current single “This Glass Is Heavy” with two of his regular co-writing partners Jan Edwards (USA) and Lucy LeBlanc (Canada). Dan produced the track at Hilltop Music Studio (Nashville) and did all vocals, mixing and mastering in Canada at Andy Thompson’s “Northumberland Music Studio”. Dan has recently charted with Ireland’s Tomas Jackman on “Longing For Ireland” and with Lynn Campbell on “Romance is Dead”.

International Influence

September ’22 saw two of Dan’s songs win at the Netherland’s “Red Carpet Awards”. “Super Power” won in the Blues/Jazz category and “What If” took home Song of the Year honours and they have nominated him for no less than 10 awards this year! Dan is heading to Holland for the Awards Show in August and then popping over to Ireland to write with several folks while staying with Stevie McVeigh for a week. He’s also meeting with Tomas and Marian Waldron while over to discuss next year’s Irish tour of Canada/USA. Look for some very cool new music and videos coming in 2023 as well as some new movie placements for some of Dan’s material. Recently Dan and Irish co-writer Regina McDermott have had one of their songs recorded by a famous Irish artist to be announced soon

dan washburn 2
Dan is ready to rock and write!

Dan often says “I’m always up for a write” or “why don’t you just come to Nashville with me for a week of writing and a session?” The cool thing is; people are taking him up on the idea! He welcomes anyone wanting to experience a Nashville LIVE OFF THE FLOOR session with some of the industries’ best players to talk to him and says “You’ll never be the same”! 

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