Front Row at the Festival: The Steward’s Gateway to Live Country Music


Country music festivals are not just about the artists and the music; they’re about the community and the experience. At the heart of this experience are the stewards, the individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Here’s a detailed look at the benefits of being a steward at country music festivals.

One of the most exciting benefits of being a steward at country music festivals is the unparalleled opportunity to see the bands perform live. Not only do stewards help keep the event running smoothly, but they also enjoy moments where they can experience the live performances up close, often from the best spots in the venue.

Exclusive Live Music Experience: As a steward, you’re part of the event’s backbone, and this often comes with the perk of being able to watch the bands during your breaks or when you’re off duty. Imagine being able to say you’ve seen some of the biggest names in country music live, and all because you were a steward at the festival.

Connect with the Music: The chance to see the bands is not just about the visual spectacle; it’s about feeling the music resonate through you, the live energy that you can’t capture through a recording. It’s about being part of the moment when a band plays that one song that means everything to you.

Going with a Partner: Want to join your partner at the festival but not as interested in the music as they are? Being a steward means you can stay close to your partner throughout the event, but save on the entry fees.

Meet Your Idols: Sometimes, stewards might even get the chance to meet the bands and artists they admire. While it’s not a guaranteed part of the job, the possibility adds to the excitement and allure of being a steward at these festivals.

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Stewarding Benefits

Learning and Development: Stewards often receive training that equips them with skills transferable to many other areas of life. From conflict resolution and customer service to first aid and emergency response, the training is comprehensive and invaluable.

Community and Networking: Working as a steward provides a unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. It’s a chance to build a network of friends and contacts, which can be beneficial both personally and professionally.

Behind-the-Scenes Access: Stewards get a glimpse of what it takes to run a festival. This behind-the-scenes access can be eye-opening and is often appreciated by those interested in event management or the music industry.

Free Entry: One of the most immediate benefits is free entry to the festival. Stewards can enjoy the music and atmosphere when they are off-duty, which is a fantastic perk for country music fans.

Making a Difference: Stewards play a crucial role in the safety and enjoyment of festival-goers. The sense of contribution to the success of an event can be incredibly fulfilling.

Physical and Mental Exercise The role of a steward can be physically demanding, which is great for staying active. It also requires quick thinking and problem-solving, providing mental stimulation.

Experience the Festival Vibe Being part of the festival team means stewards can soak up the vibrant atmosphere and energy that only a country music festival can offer.

How to Become a County Music Festival Steward

For those interested in becoming stewards at country music festivals, here are some ways to find out more and sign up:

  1. Festival Websites and Volunteer Pages Many festivals have dedicated sections on their websites for volunteer information. Look for tabs like ‘Get Involved’ or ‘Volunteer’.
  2. Festaff Festaff offers opportunities to steward at various UK festivals. You can learn more about the application process and submit your application on their website.
  3. Hotbox Hotbox Events works closely with festival organisers; recruiting and managing festival staff, paid stewards and volunteers for UK festivals.
  4. hap solutions Provides temporary staff to many sectors, including the UK & Ireland’s best festivals & events including Black Deer Festival
  5. Oxfam Festival Stewarding Oxfam provides stewarding opportunities at multiple festivals. You can start by choosing your top festivals and paying a refundable deposit. Complete your profile, attend an online training session, and you’re on your way
  6. Social Media and Forums Join festival-related groups on social media platforms like Facebook or forums like Reddit to get updates on stewarding opportunities.
  7. Contact Festival Organizers Directly If there’s a specific festival you’re interested in, reach out directly to the organizers via email or phone. Our website is a great resource to find all the country music festivals happening this year in the UK
  8. Volunteer Match Websites Websites that match volunteers with opportunities can be a great resource to find stewarding positions.

Remember to read the terms and conditions carefully before applying, and be prepared to upload a photo and provide some details about any previous experience you may have.

In summary, the role of a steward is so much more than just a job; it’s a ticket to the heart of country music. It’s about being enveloped in the music, the crowd, and the atmosphere that makes country festivals such a beloved experience. So, if you’re a country music enthusiast looking to see your favourite bands live, consider the stewarding experience – it’s your backstage pass to the best in country music

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