New Single “24” from Maggie Baugh


The country-pop sensation, Maggie Baugh, kicks off the new year with her catchy and upbeat single “24”, which was released on January 12th. The song is about living in the moment and enjoying life at any age, with lyrics like “I don’t wanna grow up, I just wanna be 24” and “We’re all just kids in a grown-up world”. The song features Baugh’s signature vocals, guitar, and fiddle skills, as well as a club remix version that adds some danceable beats. The song is accompanied by a fun and colorful music video that shows Baugh and her friends having a blast at a carnival.

“24” Music Video

Maggie Baugh is not only a talented singer and songwriter, but also a skilled instrumentalist who can play the guitar, the violin, and the fiddle. She started her musical journey as a classical violinist, performing at Carnegie Hall when she was only 11 years old. She later switched to country music and learned to play the guitar, developing her own style and tone. She has impressed audiences and critics alike with her ability to shred on both the guitar and the fiddle, delivering energetic and electrifying performances.

Maggie Baugh recently released 14 song debut album “Dear Me” in 2023, which landed on multiple editorial playlists. With viral singles, “Think About Me” and “Drinking to the Broken Hearts” Baugh gained entry into the Spotify Million Plus Club. The Nashville music industry is showing its enthusiasm for her independent success. Her social media prowess is immense and her TikTok series “Finish the Lick” shows off her proficiency on multiple instruments, garnering more than 40+ million views.
With lots of new music set to release this year, Maggie is looking forward to making her UK debut this May.

She is also known for her viral TikTok series “Finish the Lick”, where she challenges herself and other musicians to improvise on various instruments. Maggie Baugh is a versatile and dynamic musician who can rock any stage with her instrumental prowess.

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