New Music Monday 24 July ’23


There are some amazing new releases coming your way this month, from some of the biggest names in the genre. Whether you’re looking for some upbeat tunes to dance to, some heartfelt ballads to sing along to, or some fresh sounds to discover, there’s something for everyone in this list. Here are some of the latest new country music releases that you don’t want to miss.

charlie mars

Let Charlie Mars Give You A Taste Of Mississippi Hill Country Life At His “Country Home”

Hear the new single from Mars’ upcoming album Times Have Changed, out October 6th

Rooted in folk-pop, but nourished with country, soul, laid-back reggae grooves, and Mars’ love for the languid, understated style of producer Daniel Lanois’ Teatro-era work, the songs chronicle his path from a restless young wanderer seeking adventure, escape, love or truth, to the man who’s discovered that his road to happiness is a gravel drive leading to a porch perfect for viewing actual stars.

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pat boone

Celebrated legendary singer, songwriter, actor, and author music icon Pat Boone has released his new Country single, a cover of the late great Red Foley’s classic hit “Chattanoogie Shoeshine Boy.” The track is now available for streaming on all major platforms here.

Boone expressed his excitement in covering the track, saying “I’m truly moved to pay tribute to Daddy Red (Foley) with my recording of ‘Chattanoogie Shoeshine Boy.’ This song holds a special place in my heart, and I hope to bring back cherished memories while introducing it to a new generation of listeners.”

tyra madison

Rising country sensation Tyra Madison has released her latest single “Hurts A Little Less,” now available on all major streaming platforms here.

“Hurts A Little Less” beautifully captures the heartache of enduring a breakup and the struggle of resisting the return of an ex-lover. As the person goes through the painful process again, it “hurts a little less” than before, showcasing the strength of resilience.

Tyra’s most popular single, “Right Girl Wrong Time,” has amassed over 12 million streams, further solidifying her rising star status.

des rocs

Des Rocs Releases New Single ‘Nowhere Kid’ And Announces Album

On the new single, Danny Rocco explains:
“’Nowhere Kid’ is an anthem for the lonely. A battle hymn for anyone wrestling with the isolation of modern life. Growing up, I struggled to reconcile my dreams with my surroundings. There was this constant inner-monologue that ran in circles around who I was versus who I wanted to be. I hope ‘Nowhere Kid’ can be a beacon to guide those struggling with a dreadful sense of solitude out of their darkness.”

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natural girl

“Natural Girl” is a song that identifies a woman’s natural beauty, without makeup, coverup, Botox, facial reconstruction/ implants,etc

Tim says “There are so many opinions in today’s world, along with options/ suggestions on self-improvement. When you look to the famous for answers regarding health and wellness – the answers they reflect could be missing the truths behind what you see.”

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Steep Canyon Rangers Welcome Latest Member Aaron Burdett With A Fitting New Single, “Deep End”

I’m the guy that jumps in the deep end / Find out quick if I’m sinking or swimming,” sings the Steep Canyon Rangers’ newest member Aaron Burdett on their new single “Deep End.” The song, a toe-tapping romp featuring the Rangers’ signature bluegrass-forward sound, sounds like a good-time ode to being carefree, but its origins come from a very specific, real place.

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