Powerful New Single from Pamela Hopkins – Walk of Honor


Million-Streaming country music artist Pamela Hopkins has released her highly anticipated new single, “Walk of Honor,” on January 5th, 2024. This emotional ballad is Hopkins’ most personal and challenging song to date, tackling the important topics of organ donation and drunk driving.
Inspired by a viral TikTok video, Hopkins was moved to write “Walk of Honor” after learning about the “honor walk” for organ donors. The song tells the heartbreaking story of a mother saying goodbye to her daughter, who has passed away and is being honored with a final walk to
donate her organs. The twist in the story comes when it is revealed that the young man who caused her death through drunk driving is also saved by her daughter’s organ donation.


“This song is a story about a mother having to let her daughter go because she cannot be saved, but her organs save the lives of many,” says Hopkins. “I hope that my song touches others and if they haven’t checked that box on their driver’s license making them an organ
donor, I hope they think about becoming one after listening to this song and hearing the message.”

Pamela Hopkins

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Co-written with Arkansas Independent Artist/singer/songwriter Anna Brinker and Lonnie Abbott, “Walk of Honor” is a powerful and emotional track that showcases Hopkins’ incredible vocals and storytelling abilities. Fans can expect to be moved to tears by this poignant and timely song.


Little Rock, Arkansas native, Pamela Hopkins, is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. She is a Dueling Piano Player by trade and also leads her own band.

Pamela started her music career back in the 90’s and took time away from the music scene to pursue other careers and to raise her children. She started part time as a dueling piano player in 2013, and eventually went full-time in the summer of 2014. Around 2018, she decided to find her own sound and began to write and record her own music in Arkansas.

Her previous releases have earned her multiple accolades, including a Josie Music Awards win and an Independent Music Network Awards win. She is also a three-time nominee for the 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards.

A Global Entertainer

Hopkins is known for her electrifying live performances and has entertained audiences all over the world, including performing for US troops on military bases around the world. Plans for 2024 include shows with Norwegian Cruise Lines and a tour of Guam, Alaska and Hawaii for US forces.

For more information about Pamela Hopkins and her music, connect with her on social media and the web.


“Walk of Honor” is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, now.

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