The UK’s Country Music Boom: 2024’s Record-Breaking Resurgence


The UK is currently experiencing a significant cultural shift, with country music taking centre stage in 2024. According to the Official Charts Company, the genre has seen a phenomenal 67% increase in popularity compared to the previous year, signaling a renaissance of country music across the nation.

This year, the combined sales and streaming-equivalent sales of country singles have reached an impressive 11.5 million within the first 21 weeks. This figure dramatically surpasses the 6.9 million recorded during the same timeframe in 2023, showcasing the growing appetite for country music among UK listeners.

Noteable Hits in 2024

i had some help video still

Two weeks ago, Post Malone’s collaboration with US country singer Morgan Wallen, I Had Some Help, debuted at Number 2 on the Official Singles Chart and this week claimed the Number 1 spot on the UK Radio Airplay Chart.
Texas Hold ‘Em ranks as the biggest country song of 2024 so far in the UK, and the Album COWBOY CARTER is the first ever Number 1 country album in the UK by a black artist, Beyoncé, as well as the fourth biggest album overall, regardless of genre.

Resurgence of Country Music

The resurgence of country music in the UK can be attributed to several factors. The accessibility of streaming services has played a crucial role, introducing the genre’s rich narrative and emotive storytelling to a broader audience. Additionally, the emergence of British country artists who infuse the traditional American sound with a local flair has resonated well with the public.

The resurgence of country music in the UK isn’t confined to digital platforms; it’s taking the live scene by storm. From intimate gigs in the backrooms of pubs to grandiose performances at renowned venues, the UK’s live country music scene is thriving like never before. Fans are flocking to see their favorite artists perform live, creating a vibrant community around the genre.

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As we progress through 2024, the data from the Official Charts Company indicates that the country music renaissance is more than a trend; it’s a shift in the musical taste of the British public. The genre’s ability to connect with listeners through its authentic narratives and rustic vibes has solidified its place in the UK’s musical heart.

With sales and streams continuing to rise, it’s evident that the UK has embraced the heartfelt and spirited tunes of country music. This renaissance is a celebration of the genre’s enduring charm and its newfound resonance with the UK audience.

For both long-time country music fans and those new to the genre, the message is clear: the country music renaissance is here, and it’s transforming the UK’s musical landscape.

The Official Chart has been part of British culture for over 70 years and is the most comprehensive survey of its kind – it captures over 99% of all UK singles consumption, 98% of all albums and over 90% of all videos and DVDs. Sources include retailers and streaming platforms.

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